The Psychology Behind Being a Fetish Sissy

The Psychology Behind Being a Fetish Sissy: Understanding the Complexities


Human sexuality is a diverse and multifaceted aspect of our lives, encompassing a wide range of desires, preferences, and fantasies. Among the various manifestations of sexuality, the fetish community stands out, offering individuals an opportunity to explore unique and often unconventional desires. One such fetish is the phenomenon of being a “fetish sissy.” In this article, we delve into the psychology behind being a fetish sissy, aiming to shed light on the complexities and motivations that drive individuals who identify with this particular fetish.

Understanding Fetishism:

Before we explore the psychology of being a fetish sissy, it is crucial to comprehend the concept of fetishism itself. Fetishism refers to the sexual attraction or fixation on non-living objects, materials, or specific body parts. These fetishes can range from commonplace objects like leather or latex to specific behaviors or role-playing scenarios.

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Exploring the Fetish Sissy Phenomenon:

The fetish sissy identity involves a combination of elements from cross-dressing, submission, and dominant/submissive dynamics. While each individual’s experience and motivations may vary, several psychological factors may contribute to the appeal of this fetish:

  1. Gender Identity Exploration: For some individuals, the fetish sissy identity allows them to explore and express different aspects of their gender identity. It can be a way to temporarily adopt feminine characteristics and roles, which may not be readily accepted or expressed in their everyday lives.
  2. Power Dynamics and Submission: The fetish sissy dynamic often involves elements of submission and power exchange. Some individuals may find pleasure and fulfillment in relinquishing control and taking on a submissive role. The act of dressing up and embodying a stereotypically feminine persona can be seen as an expression of this power dynamic.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: The fetish sissy phenomenon is also influenced by aesthetics and visual stimuli. The allure of femininity, including lingerie, makeup, and high heels, can provide a source of erotic arousal. The act of dressing up and presenting oneself in these garments may evoke feelings of empowerment and sexual satisfaction.
  4. Escapism and Fantasy: Engaging in the fetish sissy identity can provide an escape from the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life. Within the confines of the fetish community, individuals can explore their fantasies, detach from societal expectations, and experience a sense of liberation and acceptance.

Psychological Well-being and Consent:

As with any fetish or sexual practice, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of consent and psychological well-being. Engaging in fetish activities should always be consensual and respectful, with clear boundaries established between all parties involved. It is essential to maintain open lines of communication and prioritize the mental and emotional well-being of oneself and one’s partners.

The psychology of being a fetish sissy is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon, encompassing various motivations and desires. For some individuals, it may serve as a means of exploring gender identity, power dynamics, aesthetics, or providing a space for escapism and fantasy. It is vital to approach the topic with understanding, empathy, and respect, recognizing that human sexuality is diverse and encompasses a wide spectrum of desires and preferences.

Gender Identity Exploration and the Fetish Sissy Phenomenon:

Gender identity exploration is a significant aspect of the fetish sissy phenomenon. It is important to note that not all individuals who engage in the fetish sissy identity are necessarily questioning their gender identity or identifying as transgender. However, for some, the fetish sissy persona provides a safe and consensual space to explore different aspects of their gender identity.

  1. Safe Space for Expression: Society often imposes strict gender roles and expectations, which can limit individuals’ freedom to express themselves authentically. The fetish sissy identity allows individuals to temporarily step outside the boundaries of traditional gender norms and embrace femininity. This exploration can provide a sense of freedom, allowing them to express aspects of their gender identity that may not be readily accepted or expressed in their everyday lives.
  2. Gender Fluidity and Non-Binary Identities: Some individuals who identify as fetish sissies may identify as gender fluid or non-binary, experiencing a range of gender identities that go beyond the binary notion of male and female. The fetish sissy identity can serve as a means to embody different gender expressions, moving fluidly between masculine and feminine presentations.
  3. Challenging Traditional Gender Roles: Engaging in the fetish sissy identity can also be a way to challenge and deconstruct traditional gender roles and expectations. By embracing femininity while being assigned male at birth, individuals can question societal norms and highlight the arbitrary nature of gender constructs.
  4. Self-Discovery and Self-Acceptance: Exploring the fetish sissy identity can be a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. It allows individuals to understand and embrace different facets of their personality, desires, and expressions. Through this exploration, individuals may gain a deeper understanding of their gender identity, finding acceptance and validation in the process.
  5. Community and Support: The fetish community, including fetish sissy communities, can provide a supportive environment for individuals questioning their gender identity or engaging in gender exploration. Sharing experiences, advice, and engaging with like-minded individuals can foster a sense of belonging and validation, helping individuals navigate their own journeys of self-discovery.

It is crucial to emphasize that gender identity exploration within the fetish sissy context is highly personal and individualized. Not all individuals who engage in the fetish sissy identity are questioning their gender identity, and the motivations can vary greatly from person to person. It is essential to approach each individual’s experiences with empathy, respect, and a recognition of the complexity of gender identity and its relationship to fetishistic desires.

Understanding Fetishism: A Comprehensive Exploration of Fetishism within the Context of Fetish Sissy Identity


Fetishism is a fascinating and diverse aspect of human sexuality that encompasses a wide range of desires and preferences. Within the realm of fetishism, the fetish sissy identity has gained attention and recognition. In this article, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of fetishism as it relates to the fetish sissy phenomenon, delving into its psychological, social, and cultural dimensions.

Defining Fetishism:

Fetishism, in its broadest sense, refers to the sexual attraction or fixation on specific objects, materials, body parts, or behaviors that are not inherently sexual. It involves the attribution of erotic significance or arousal to these non-sexual elements. Fetishism can manifest in various ways and can be individualistic, diverse, and ever-evolving.

Exploring Fetish Sissy Identity:

The fetish sissy identity is a unique manifestation within the fetish community. It combines elements of cross-dressing, submission, and dominant/submissive dynamics. To gain a deeper understanding of this phenomenon, it is essential to explore the following aspects:

  1. Gender Expression and Identity: The fetish sissy identity allows individuals to explore and express different aspects of their gender identity. It provides an opportunity to temporarily adopt feminine characteristics, such as clothing, mannerisms, and roles, regardless of their assigned gender at birth. It is crucial to acknowledge that not all fetish sissies identify as transgender, as gender expression can exist independently from gender identity.
  2. Power Dynamics and Submission: The fetish sissy dynamic often involves power exchange and submission. Individuals who identify as fetish sissies may derive pleasure from relinquishing control and assuming a submissive role within the context of their fetish play. The act of dressing up and embodying a stereotypically feminine persona can symbolize the surrendering of power and the exploration of vulnerability.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal and Symbolism: The fetish sissy identity is also influenced by aesthetics and symbolism. The allure of femininity, including lingerie, makeup, high heels, and other feminine attire, can contribute to the erotic arousal and enjoyment experienced by fetish sissies. These elements serve as symbols that represent femininity and contribute to the visual and sensory experiences within the fetish sissy realm.
  4. Role of Fantasy and Escapism: Engaging in the fetish sissy identity can provide an outlet for fantasies and serve as a form of escapism. Within the realm of fetish play, individuals can detach from societal expectations and explore their desires and fantasies in a consensual and controlled manner. This temporary escape can offer a sense of liberation, acceptance, and empowerment.
  5. Psychological Well-being and Boundaries: It is crucial to approach fetishism, including fetish sissy identity, with a focus on psychological well-being and consent. Establishing clear boundaries, engaging in open communication, and prioritizing the mental and emotional well-being of all involved parties are fundamental principles to ensure a healthy and consensual exploration of fetishistic desires.


Understanding fetishism as it relates to the fetish sissy identity requires a nuanced perspective that acknowledges the complexities of human sexuality. The fetish sissy phenomenon combines elements of gender expression, power dynamics, aesthetic appeal, and escapism. It offers individuals a platform to explore their desires, challenge societal norms, and experience a sense of self-discovery and liberation. Embracing empathy and respect while acknowledging the diversity of fetishistic desires is essential to foster a sex-positive and inclusive understanding of fetish sissy identity and its place within the broader spectrum of human sexuality.

Man as a Fetish Sissy

In recent years, the term “sissy” has gained popularity in the BDSM and fetish communities, particularly among men who identify as submissives. A sissy is a man who embraces his femininity and enjoys dressing up in women’s clothing, adopting feminine mannerisms, and being submissive to dominant partners.

While the term “sissy” can be used derogatorily outside of BDSM circles, within the context of fetish play, it is a consensual and often celebrated aspect of sexuality. The sissy fetish allows men to explore their desires for feminization, humiliation, and submission in a safe and controlled environment.

The Origins of Sissy Fetish

The sissy fetish has its roots in the world of cross-dressing, a practice that has been around for centuries. Cross-dressing involves wearing clothing typically associated with the opposite gender, often for the purpose of entertainment or performance.

In the 1950s and 60s, the term “sissy” began to be used to describe men who were perceived as weak or effeminate. This negative connotation led some men to reclaim the term and embrace their sissy identity as a source of sexual pleasure.

Today, the sissy fetish is a popular form of BDSM play, with many men exploring their desire for feminization and submission through role-playing and other fetish practices.

What Does it Mean to be a Sissy?

Being a sissy is about more than just wearing women’s clothing. It is a mindset that involves embracing femininity and submission, and often involves a desire to be dominated and humiliated by a more dominant partner.

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For many men, being a sissy is a way to escape the pressures and expectations of traditional masculinity. By embracing their feminine side, they can explore new aspects of their sexuality and enjoy a sense of freedom and liberation.

Sissies may wear women’s clothing, including lingerie, dresses, and high heels, and may adopt feminine mannerisms such as a high-pitched voice or a more delicate walk. They may also engage in other BDSM practices, such as bondage, humiliation, and role-playing.

Sissy Fetish in Practice

For those who practice the sissy fetish, there are a variety of ways to explore their desires in a safe and consensual manner. Some may choose to engage in private play with a trusted partner, while others may attend BDSM events or join online communities dedicated to the fetish.

One popular form of sissy play is feminization, where the submissive partner is dressed up in women’s clothing and made to look and act like a woman. This can include applying makeup, wearing wigs or breast forms, and adopting feminine mannerisms.

Humiliation is another common aspect of the sissy fetish, with many sissies enjoying being mocked or degraded by their dominant partners. This can take many forms, from verbal humiliation to physical punishment, such as spanking or whipping.

Role-playing is also a popular way to explore the sissy fetish, with many sissies enjoying scenarios where they are forced to perform tasks or act out fantasies in a submissive and feminine role. This can include playing the part of a maid, secretary, or other stereotypically feminine role.

The Benefits of Sissy Fetish

While the sissy fetish may seem unusual or even taboo to some, for those who practice it, it can be a source of joy, liberation, and sexual fulfillment. By exploring their desires for feminization and submission in a safe and controlled environment, men who identify as sissies can embrace their sexuality and find new avenues for self-expression.

For many sissies, the fetish also offers a way to challenge traditional gender roles and expectations.

By embracing their femininity and exploring new aspects of their sexuality, they can break

free from the constraints of societal norms and expectations, and create a space where they can fully express themselves without fear of judgment or stigma.

Additionally, the sissy fetish can offer a sense of community and belonging. By connecting with others who share their desires and interests, sissies can find support, validation, and acceptance. This can be especially important for those who may feel isolated or misunderstood in their daily lives.

The Risks of Sissy Fetish

As with any BDSM or fetish practice, there are risks associated with the sissy fetish. It is important for those who engage in this type of play to do so in a safe and consensual manner, and to be aware of the potential risks and hazards.

Physical risks can include injury from rough play or unsafe practices, such as using ill-fitting or inappropriate clothing or equipment. Psychological risks can include emotional trauma or psychological distress if boundaries are not respected or if consent is not obtained.

It is also important to consider the potential for discrimination and stigma, both within the BDSM community and in wider society. Sissies may face judgment and discrimination from those who do not understand or accept their desires, and may even be subject to harassment or violence.


The sissy fetish is a complex and multifaceted aspect of BDSM and fetish play, offering men who identify as sissies a way to explore their desires for feminization, submission, and humiliation in a safe and consensual environment. While it may seem unusual or taboo to some, for those who practice it, it can be a source of joy, liberation, and sexual fulfillment.

However, it is important to approach this type of play with caution and awareness, and to prioritize safety and consent at all times. By doing so, those who engage in the sissy fetish can enjoy the many benefits of this unique and fascinating aspect of sexuality, while minimizing the risks and hazards that come with any BDSM or fetish practice.

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Fetish Sissy Lifestyle

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Sissification is a fetish that has gained popularity in recent years. The term “sissy” is used to describe a man who takes on traditionally feminine characteristics, behaviors, and clothing. This can be a form of gender play or sexual expression, and can involve a range of activities from crossdressing to humiliation play. In this article, we will explore the fetish of sissification and its various elements, including the role of feminization, humiliation, and domination.

What is Sissification?

Sissification is a form of BDSM play that involves the transformation of a man into a submissive and effeminate figure. The process of sissification can involve various activities, including crossdressing, makeup application, and role-playing. Sissies may be expected to perform tasks that are traditionally associated with femininity, such as cleaning, cooking, and other domestic tasks. Sissification can also involve humiliation play, where the sissy is subjected to derogatory comments or degrading behavior.

The Role of Feminization

One of the key elements of sissification is feminization. This can involve dressing in traditionally feminine clothing, such as frilly lingerie or a maid’s uniform, and wearing makeup to create a more feminine appearance. Some sissies may choose to wear wigs or breast forms to enhance their feminine features. The process of feminization can be a powerful form of gender play, allowing the sissy to explore their own femininity and express themselves in new and exciting ways.

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Humiliation and Domination

Humiliation and domination are also important aspects of sissification. Humiliation can involve degrading comments or actions that are intended to reinforce the sissy’s submissive and feminine status. This can include being forced to wear embarrassing clothing, perform sexual acts, or engage in other humiliating activities. Dominance is often a key component of sissification, with the dominant partner taking on a more authoritative role and exerting control over the submissive sissy.

Exploring the Fetish of Sissification

For those interested in exploring the fetish of sissification, there are a number of resources available. Online forums and social media groups can be a great way to connect with others who share this fetish and find like-minded individuals to explore with. There are also a number of BDSM clubs and events that cater to sissies and those interested in sissification.

However, it is important to remember that sissification, like all forms of BDSM play, should be entered into with consent and communication between all parties involved. It is important to establish boundaries and safe words before engaging in any activities, and to always prioritize the physical and emotional safety of all participants.


Sissification is a complex and multifaceted fetish that involves the transformation of a man into a submissive and effeminate figure. The process of sissification can involve a range of activities, from crossdressing to humiliation play, and can be a powerful form of gender play and sexual expression. However, it is important to approach sissification with consent and communication, and to prioritize the physical and emotional safety of all participants. With these considerations in mind, sissification can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for those interested in exploring this unique fetish.

The term “sissy” is often used to describe a man who embraces traditionally feminine characteristics, behavior, and dress. For some individuals, this may be a personal preference or a lifestyle choice, while for others, it may be a sexual fetish. In this article, we will explore the concept of becoming a sissy, including the difference between a lifestyle and a fetish, the psychological and emotional factors involved, and the potential benefits and drawbacks of embracing a sissy identity.

Becoming a Sissy: Lifestyle or Fetish?

The first question that arises when exploring the idea of becoming a sissy is whether it is a lifestyle or a fetish. For some individuals, the desire to embrace feminine traits and clothing may be an integral part of their personality and identity. They may feel more comfortable expressing themselves in a traditionally feminine manner, and may feel a sense of fulfillment in doing so. For these individuals, becoming a sissy is a lifestyle choice that allows them to express themselves more fully and authentically.

On the other hand, for many individuals, the desire to become a sissy is rooted in sexual fetishism. They may be aroused by the idea of dressing in feminine clothing, engaging in submissive behaviors, and being humiliated or dominated by a partner. For these individuals, becoming a sissy is a form of sexual expression and may be part of a broader BDSM lifestyle.

Psychological and Emotional Factors

The decision to become a sissy can be influenced by a number of psychological and emotional factors. For some individuals, the desire to embrace a sissy identity may be rooted in childhood experiences or trauma. They may have been raised in a strict or authoritarian environment where gender roles were heavily enforced, or may have experienced bullying or ostracization for exhibiting non-conforming behavior. For these individuals, becoming a sissy may be a form of rebellion against these restrictive societal norms and a way to express their true selves.

For others, becoming a sissy may be a way to cope with feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem. They may feel powerless or unfulfilled in their daily lives and find a sense of validation and empowerment in embracing a submissive or feminine role. In some cases, becoming a sissy may be a way to explore feelings of gender dysphoria or confusion, and may lead to further exploration of gender identity and expression.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Becoming a Sissy

The decision to become a sissy can have both benefits and drawbacks. For those who embrace a sissy lifestyle, the benefits may include a greater sense of self-expression, fulfillment, and empowerment. They may feel more comfortable in their own skin and may find greater acceptance and support within the BDSM community.

However, becoming a sissy can also have drawbacks. For those who view sissification as a fetish, there may be a risk of addiction or dependency on the sexual arousal associated with the behavior. This can lead to feelings of shame, guilt, or self-loathing, and may interfere with daily life and relationships.

There may also be social and professional consequences to embracing a sissy identity. Society at large may view sissification as taboo or deviant behavior, and individuals who openly express their sissy identity may face discrimination, harassment, or even violence. In some cases, embracing a sissy identity may also have professional consequences, such as job loss or damage to one’s reputation.


The decision to become a sissy is a complex and multifaceted one that can be influenced by a range of psychological, emotional, and social factors. For some individuals, becoming a sissy is a lifestyle choice that allows them to express themselves more fully and authentically, while for others, it is a sexual fetish that provides a form of arousal and pleasure. Regardless of the reasons behind the decision to become a sissy.

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Why is looking at Sissy tumblr posts helpful

The question is why does looking at the many different and varied Sissy tumblr posts would be helpful for me? And the answer is in the question. It is precisely because the Sissy tumblr posts feature so many different and varied photos and information about being a sissy. When you search sissy or sissies tumblr you will of course find many things that may be interesting but not helpful since there is a lot of posts that are our purely sexual in nature, that said even those can be interesting. I like seeing all the different types of sissies throughout the world that you see posting on tumblr. Often there is helpful information about feminizing yourself which is a central part of being a sissy. There are make-up tips, gaff tips, tucking tips, sex tips, chastity advice, information on how to look your best and choose the best clothing look. One of the most interesting things I found was a post about transformation swimwear which I ended up ordering and it changed my life! There is a ton of information featuring real girls and analyzing how they move, speech, think and act all in an effort to help you in your journey to be the girl of your dreams. I believe most sissies truly want to be as beautiful as they can be and always as feminine too. I am a sissy and I have many friends in fact most of my friends are sissies, trying to be as feminine as they can be is a central core of their sissy journey, many of us want to approach sex as a woman and the are many posts on Sissy tumblr that explain of show you how best to begin to be pleasures as a woman.  When going through many of the posts on tumblr you will find that even for sissies many are purely showing females which is fine when you are using them for guidance and motivation. I prefer to see actual men that have been transformed to women. I want to see men feminized along with transgender women which many are so stunning they can melt any sissiy heart. I enjoy seeing the process of men transformed to women, men transformed to being a sissy. Sissies in chastity is a helpful post to give you guidance on how to no longer think of sex from a male point of view after all one of the first things many sissies will do is wear a penis cage to keep themselves from even thinking they can have sex like a man. I my view a true sissy will have oral and anal sex only, this is my opinion and not that of all sissy men. One of the fun things you can find on Sissy tumblr are all these sissy captions. Some of the sissy captions are funny, some are touching and others are informative. Most of the sissy captions are at the very least sexy. I enjoy the lingerie sissy captions not because they turn me on sexually though some do but because they give me such great ideas. Personally, I am into the transformation end of being a sissy the most. I do not want to see a penis when I see a sissified man and the same goes for myself. There are transformation designs like the Clever Girl swimsuit, Spicy Girl swimsuit, Finger Me swimsuit, Girls Day, Gender Bias, Gender Bender, the list is actually too long to go into too much detail here but these swimsuits which most sissies also wear as panties do what sissies dream of having done. They erase and visual signs of the wearer having a penis and in place you have a magnificent camel toe shaped vagina. I wear these all the time and they are so realistic that many of my sissy friends and real girlfriends have asked if I had transformation surgery, it is hard to get more realistic than that without having your penis removed! You can see these designs at but I can give you some detail about how they work since I consider myself a professional transformation wear user. These designs not only make your penis disappear but they reconfigure it into the shape of a beautiful little camel toe vagina one so pretty your sissy friends will want to taste it. I find it interesting that when you wear a design like this and your eyes see you no longer have a visible penis and in its place is an actual vagina, actual at least to your eyes and yes it feels real to the touch your brain seems to rewire itself into believing you are a real female. This is something I have and do experience all the time but it is not just me. All my sissy friends wear them and they feel the same way too. You will also find many Sissy tumblr posts talking about the same thing. There are a ton of male chastity Sissy tumblr posts and captions and I enjoy seeing the different ways and the different cock cage styles the girls are using. There are literally thousands of tumblr posts about chastity, chastity cages and living a chastity lifestyle something that many sissies find to be of paramount importance in reaching to become the best sissy they can be. I have practiced chastity for the past ten years, I am at times allowed to masturbate most of the time my small cock or as it is known among friends, my man clit is kept in an ultra-micro cock cage. While we are talking about man clits and sissy pussies let us talk about body hair. The one thing you will notice when looking a tumblr posts is that virtually all sissies have no body hair and never any hair around their vaginas. All pubic hair should be removed, your skin should be smooth as silk, there should be no hair between the legs, on your cheeks or anywhere in the anal area. Many sissies have their legs waxed and have a full Brazilian wax too. For those of you that are uninitiated in the dark arts of body waxing a Brazilian wax is when all the hair on your penis if you are male or your vagina if you are female along with all your pubic hair, hair between the legs, on your balls, your butt cheeks and every bit of anal cavity hair is removed by a professional. One of the things I have been noticing on posts seems to be a trend towards sissies have breast implant surgery. This type of surgery is common for transgender transformation but I am now seeing them more and more for people that identify has being a sissy but are turning to breast enhancement to reach the pinnacle of femininity. I feel like if you are committed to the sissy lifestyle than having surgery is an option you could look at but for me, I am happy with the prosthetic breasts that are available and yes there are many posts under Sissy tumblr on that subject too. There are so many things to find on tumblr and so many interesting things to learn. I hope your journey is an exciting one. Before I let you go I wanted to talk about one other thing I found on tumblr which is nothing short of amazing and it is called the Micro Penis Maker. If you have trouble finding it there you can google it. This is a sleeve that sissies put on their little cocks to make them into man clits. The results were so amazing I decided to try it for myself. My penis is small to begin with under 3” flaccid and thin. I wanted it to be under 1” if possible because many sissies classify under 1” as a clitoris. I purchase a couple and started my micro cock training right away. After three weeks my flaccid penis is under 1” and at times about ½”. That is a real man clit that has very little in common with a real penis. It is so feminine, so small and for a real sissy it is a dream come true and the ultimate in feminine beauty.

Sissy Chastity

Sissy Chastity

Male chastity is for all men but it is an especially effective tool for sissy training. Sissy Chastity differs from male chastity for a number of reasons. Real hardcore male chastity includes humiliation as does sissy chastity but there is not a sexual arousal issue when it come to sissy chastity because sissies across the board are not supposed to be encourage or enabled to partake in sexual gratification, that is other than watching real men have sex or letting a male/female perform anal sex on them, the penis of the sissy will not be in use. I bring up this point because there are many men that practice male chastity in order to delay sexual gratification and to have much more intense orgasms. Sissies practicing sissy chastity are not allowed to have orgasms from penis stimulation. There are special chastity cages that are geared to sissy chastity and most of them are either micro sissy chastity cages or male to female transformation chastity belts after all it’s bad enough that your still have a penis let alone trying to show it off wearing some large male chastity cage that is intended for a real man.

  There are many special cages designed to not only lock your penis away so it cannot be used but also completely feminize you at the same time. This is done by compressing the penis so small and caging it up that it no longer looks or feels like you have a penis. There are thousands of sissies that are using inverted male chastity cages for their sissy chastity. These cages not only lock you up but they force the penis inside the body, the perfect place for a true sissy to keep his little man clit. The most popular line of inverted male chastity cages, yes real men use them too, are the Munchkin Inverted designs. These stainless-steel cages seem to have been designed with sissies in mind. I personally wear one and have many girlfriends that wear them too. It is an incredible feeling when you have your shaft forced inside your body and kept there, it is a wonderfully feminine feeling one I feel any one interested in becoming a true sissy would enjoy. There is a mindset to wearing a sissy chastity cage and that is how your brain comprehends you as a sexual being once it no longer sees you have a penis. It is cathartic and almost indescribable to a sissy that has never experienced it. In fact, when it comes to sissy chastity training there are other things you should be doing to including wearing male to female transformation panties and using Micro penis Maker Sleeves which train you penis to be extremely small almost a clit like ½” in some cases. Train your penis to be that small and I guarantee your mistress will be impressed and your girlfriends will be jealous. Sorry I veered off the subject matter let us get back to sissy chastity. You do not have to go inverted to go micro when ordering a sissy chastity cage. There are two unparticular that seem like a dream come true for sissies, that would be the Castrate cock cage and the Eunuch cock cage. It should be obvious by the names of these cages how small they make you. Most Sissies I know have rather small penises to begin with but cages like these do not care it you are small or large they do a number on you anyway. They are compression style chastity cages and you will have a very tiny penis when wearing it.

  Next up let us broach the chastity belts that are specifically chastity belts that feminize the wearer. There are two sissy chastity belts that come to mind right away because they offer extreme transformation one much more extreme than the other. First up is the Pussy Lover chastity belt. Though the name implies this belt is for a female it most certainly is not. It is a real sissy chastity belt that hides the penis, locks the penis away and leaves a nice smooth feminine look finish one that you can wear under pants, a skirt, a dress, tights you name it. The other is a more extreme take of a style designed for women and changed a little for men, it is known as the Girl Cock.  The Girl Cock male chastity belt holds the penis inside of you while splitting the balls and making them look like a real vagina. It is a highly effective system for both sissy chastity and sissy humiliation which when you think about it are two things that go hand and hand.

 No discussion about sissy chastity would be complete without penis training and when we talk about penis training, we are talking about training the penis to be feminine. Many sissies refer to their extremely small penises as man clits, or my clit. Very few men have extremely small penises like the one’s that a real sissy would love to have, small penises yes but real micro penis of 2”, 1” or smaller are a rarity but with training it can be accomplished. There is a device called the Micro Penis Maker Sleeve which many sissies use including one’s training in sissy chastity. We have seen sissies get there penis down to under 1” and once we saw a totally femme sissy with a ½” penis that she proudly was showing off to the offer femme boys. Smallest penis I have ever seen and he said it took him a few months of training using a Micro Penis Maker Sleeve to get it down that small. It was beautiful and truth be told I was ah jealous as the next girl.

  Photo above shows a trained micro penis/man clit.

The perfect combination for sissy chastity is a small caged penis that has been completely femininized.

Fetish sissy and the right panties

Fetish sissy and the right panties

The fetish sissy not only needs to feel like a girl she needs to look like one. Being a fetish sissy myself with many friends that are too (there are more men then you might guess who are sissies.) we look for ways to feel and look our most feminine. My biggest secret is the male to female transformation designs from Koala. We will use the abbreviation MTF when talking about them through the rest of the post. I like many a fetish sissy want to look female down there too. We want to hide our penises and make them look as much like a vagina as possible. Until the MTF styles came out from Koala the best we could do was tuck using gaff style underwear. Gaffs do work well smoothing you out but they are not nearly perfect. The newest styles the MTF designs actually take the penis and reshape it into a small but ample lipped pussy. You have a real camel toe that will pass 100% as female even to your own eyes when looking in a mirror. They are simply amazing and the fact is when you look female in the crotch with no penis to be seen your brain will start to register you as female. Yes there are many ways to be feminized including getting dressed up in dresses and skirts but these MTF designs work so well you can wear  ladies tights like the girls in the gym and look as tasty as they do. Shave those sissy fetish legs, maybe slip on a pair of micro short shorts with lots of cheek showing and do the make-up and hair. Dreams do come true!

Koalaswim MTF suit with exposed pussy or fully covered as underwear or a swimsuit

Fetish sissy and transformation

Being the ultimate fetish sissy is easier than ever with the male to female transformation designs by Koala. The new Crafty Girl suit is perfect for the fetish sissy that wants to present completely feminine including showing off a vagina in place of your sissy penis. These designs are unlike anything else on the market. They actually reshape, rework and re-purpose the penis molding in into a visually perfect little camel toe vagina. Some companies claim to do this be at you can see all the designs under the :male to female transformation suits” button being used by men. This is the real deal and the wearers all look like they have vaginas. This is a beautiful thing for a real fetish sissy, a dream come true. Stop dreaming and take a look at these wild creations. You can be at the shore next week with a swimsuit and a tiny camel toe as hot as any the other girls on the beach! Let your fetish sissy fantasies enter a new more exciting level and yes these suits lot super-hot under a skirt, tight fitting jeans or your favorite pair of women’s tights.

Fetish sissy male to female transformation swimsuit. The camel toe experience.

Chastity Device

Chastity Device

If you are looking for a new chastity device to wear, you are in luck. This lifestyle has seen a boom over the last few decades. Plus, there are more and more guys on the planet who are having fun with something that keeps them from having fun. I know. I had to read and re-type that sentence more than once myself. It seems a bit odd that getting sexual gratification from something that basically keeps you from having that kind of gratification should be considered an oxymoron, but it’s not. This is the one and only lifestyle that I have found that makes the anticipation of sex greater than any orgasm I have ever had in my entire life.

You see, I have played around with all kinds of things in my adult life and, while some of those things were extremely rewarding; nothing has beaten the act of forcibly being locked inside a chastity device while being denied the gratification that I so desperately sought. The fact that you cannot get an erection, no matter what you are doing, makes it even better when you can finally remove the device. If that does not make you want to slip into one of these marvelous contraptions, then just imagine what it would be like to have your prostate massaged while you are wearing one and unable to get an erection.

Wearing a chastity device was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, and yet it was the best decision I ever made. You really can tell a lot about yourself after wearing something like this for a go a decent amount of time. Plus, you can say goodbye to morning wood because that tiny little cage is not going to let it happen for you. Now some guys might find that annoying, I know I did at first, but it helped me gain control over my life and my body in ways I never thought could happen. This is a lifestyle that is perfect for men with partners, too, as long as they are interested in exploring this adventure with you. It is exciting to get to learn about every little thing that turns them on, which makes it beneficial for them. In addition, you find out what turns you on so that you can take control over it and last a lot longer in bed. What could possibly be better than wearing a chastity device and having a great sexual relationship with your partner?

Tight’s for Sissies

Workout Tights

Creeping somewhat slowly in popularity for men are garments known as workout tights. While a decent percentage of people have discovered these tights, that number seems to grow in leaps and bounds all the time. Not only are these tights ideal for workouts of all kinds, they are being seen on men as tights when they are bustling about running errands or simply taking a walk while wearing them. This is not as strange as it may sound. These men pair those tights with long shirts or sweaters to make them feel more comfortable as well as quite stylish. If you are still having trouble envisioning this, there is something else you should consider.

Women have been wearing workout tights for years. Females of all ages have incorporated tights into their wardrobes. They have worn them with skirts and/or dresses. They have also used them when they are going for a workout or just walking to get some mild exercise. In all of these ways to wear tights, no one has made any objections that women are wearing tights publicly. It seems to be going in that direction for men in tights these days, and that is a step in the right direction. After all, why should women have all of this comfort and sexiness all to themselves? Men have every right to fall in love with these tights, too.

Operating from that point of view, lots of men have already purchased several pairs of workout tights to wear everywhere. They no longer use these tights for workouts only. Men all over the world are turning out in tights for the gym, bicycling, and even around town while doing errands or shopping. When men wear these tights, they are worn as a pair of jeans or leggings might be along with a very stylish top of some sort. The looks that men get when they wear an ensemble including tights and a top of some sort are very flattering for the most part. Those who give you weird looks are just close minded and existing far into the past.

The ultimate in male to female transformation designs. Tights, Shorts, swimwear and so much more.