Chastity Device

Chastity Device

If you are looking for a new chastity device to wear, you are in luck. This lifestyle has seen a boom over the last few decades. Plus, there are more and more guys on the planet who are having fun with something that keeps them from having fun. I know. I had to read and re-type that sentence more than once myself. It seems a bit odd that getting sexual gratification from something that basically keeps you from having that kind of gratification should be considered an oxymoron, but it’s not. This is the one and only lifestyle that I have found that makes the anticipation of sex greater than any orgasm I have ever had in my entire life.

You see, I have played around with all kinds of things in my adult life and, while some of those things were extremely rewarding; nothing has beaten the act of forcibly being locked inside a chastity device while being denied the gratification that I so desperately sought. The fact that you cannot get an erection, no matter what you are doing, makes it even better when you can finally remove the device. If that does not make you want to slip into one of these marvelous contraptions, then just imagine what it would be like to have your prostate massaged while you are wearing one and unable to get an erection.

Wearing a chastity device was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, and yet it was the best decision I ever made. You really can tell a lot about yourself after wearing something like this for a go a decent amount of time. Plus, you can say goodbye to morning wood because that tiny little cage is not going to let it happen for you. Now some guys might find that annoying, I know I did at first, but it helped me gain control over my life and my body in ways I never thought could happen. This is a lifestyle that is perfect for men with partners, too, as long as they are interested in exploring this adventure with you. It is exciting to get to learn about every little thing that turns them on, which makes it beneficial for them. In addition, you find out what turns you on so that you can take control over it and last a lot longer in bed. What could possibly be better than wearing a chastity device and having a great sexual relationship with your partner?

Tight’s for Sissies

Workout Tights

Creeping somewhat slowly in popularity for men are garments known as workout tights. While a decent percentage of people have discovered these tights, that number seems to grow in leaps and bounds all the time. Not only are these tights ideal for workouts of all kinds, they are being seen on men as tights when they are bustling about running errands or simply taking a walk while wearing them. This is not as strange as it may sound. These men pair those tights with long shirts or sweaters to make them feel more comfortable as well as quite stylish. If you are still having trouble envisioning this, there is something else you should consider.

Women have been wearing workout tights for years. Females of all ages have incorporated tights into their wardrobes. They have worn them with skirts and/or dresses. They have also used them when they are going for a workout or just walking to get some mild exercise. In all of these ways to wear tights, no one has made any objections that women are wearing tights publicly. It seems to be going in that direction for men in tights these days, and that is a step in the right direction. After all, why should women have all of this comfort and sexiness all to themselves? Men have every right to fall in love with these tights, too.

Operating from that point of view, lots of men have already purchased several pairs of workout tights to wear everywhere. They no longer use these tights for workouts only. Men all over the world are turning out in tights for the gym, bicycling, and even around town while doing errands or shopping. When men wear these tights, they are worn as a pair of jeans or leggings might be along with a very stylish top of some sort. The looks that men get when they wear an ensemble including tights and a top of some sort are very flattering for the most part. Those who give you weird looks are just close minded and existing far into the past.

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Men’s Vagina Going for a male to female transformation

Men’s Vagina Going for a male to female transformation 

If you look like you have a vagina most of the time it hardly matters if it is a functioning one or not. If it looks like a vagina, feels like a vagina and maybe even tastes like one then it is a vagina. Even if that vagina is a men’s vagina. A men’s vagina is one where the penis is reshaped (not permanently) into the shape, size and look of a vagina with the most popular being reshaped as a camel toe vagina.  You might be surprised or maybe delighted to know there are thousands of guys who are into having a men’s vagina. The fact is the company is famous for making a full line of male to female transformation suits which can be used as underwear, used as swimwear, they offer sport shorts and tights that completely change a man to a woman in the crotch area. A perfectly lovely looking vagina. I personally wear these designs all the time including wearing their male to female transformation designs to the beach and on trips around the hotel pools. I have used their pussy look men’s shorts and tights at the gym many times too. When I am out on the beaching getting a tan wearing a thong with my body completely hair free it is almost impossible for both men or women to know I am male. I appear completely female with my men’s vagina proudly on display for everyone to see. I lift weight and my chest is built up nicely but people assume I am a girl going topless. I can’t tell you how much a turn on it is to do this. I can tell you that when it looks like you have a men’s vagina i.e. a real vagina your brain starts to feel it too. It is amazing how the brain can react to seeing its own body with different genitals. It starts to view itself as female which a feeling I think all men should experience.

Fetish Sissy and Chastity

Fetish Sissy and Chastity

Most of the men I know that are considered fetish sissy boys are into male chastity and most are into male to female transformation. Lucky for me I am into both! It would be great if we could have our tiny penises when we want them and vaginas when we are going with our inner feminine selves but that not a choice we have. We can and I do practice male to female transformation wearing pussy style designs for men. is the originator of these very hot designs. I must have over a dozen different styles of theirs. My favorites being Clever Girl, Spicy Girl and the Lady Gear shorts. I am very into the camel toe look. Those designs completely transform me to the point that you would never think there was a penis down there. Even my girlfriends say it looks completely female and best of all they have no idea how the magic is accomplished. When I show them how they work everyone is blown away every time. When I am not being my fetish sissy self my tiny cock is locked away in a micro cock cage. The site I love for both a huge selection of male chastity gear and one of the few places that offers special micro male chastity cages, ones small enough for men(sissies) like me is

Very few fetish sissy men are allowed to have sex with women though some do. Many of us are willing to have anal sex which lets us be in touch with our feminine side as we are penetrated by real men or by women wearing strap-on cocks. I feel that wearing a chastity cage also works into the sissy humiliation part of my self along with tiny penis humiliation. Being a sissy is not always easy, it may never be easy but it is a part of me and I know it is a part of you, we must celebrate that.

Wearing a Chastity Device

Chastity Device

Anyone who is living or even playing with the idea of chastity should look at the various devices. A chastity device is totally necessary if you want the experience to be realistic as well as a bit of fantasy. The devices that you choose will make all the difference in how much fun you will have playing chastity games. There are many couples who feel that this lifestyle can enhance their relationship. Then there are those couples who feel that this is the only way of life for them. For those couples, it typically works for them to have the dominant partner make the rules and make sure that they are followed. These couples have things all figured out for how their relationship works best.

Depending on the rules of a chastity experience, it is clear that a chastity device of some sort will be used, or the entire adventure will be ruined. Typically, the Key Holder, or the dominant partner, will most likely be tasked in finding that device. You can find these devices easily enough at your local adult shop. If you prefer to keep your privacy about what you are searching for to purchase,  there are so many websites on the Internet these days. You can get out your computer and start perusing the multitude of websites that will offer you all sorts of devices and toys to make your lives much more exciting.

Once you have purchased the chastity device that seems to make the most sense for your situation as well as how it makes you feel from the second you lay eyes on it. That is how you will be sure that you have selected is perfect. Whichever one of you is the dominant in the relationship will make all of the decisions regarding what your lifestyle will be. Most of the time, people make the decisions about what will happen on a day to day basis. It is said by many people that a chastity lifestyle is perfect for couples that are into this particular kink.

Girls Panties for Men

Girls Panties for Men

Have you ever been curious about how panties would feel against your bare skin? In the past, you may have had to sneak into a female relative’s dresser drawers to find the panties that you have found so curious. Today, men no longer have to worry about sneaking and stealing because girls panties for men have become quite available, and rather popular with a particular group of men. Even though the curiosity and desire to feel a pair of those sexy, silk panties against your body may have been elusive up to now, that is no longer a problem. Designers all over the world gradually became aware that there are many guys who love wearing panties. They just had to find a way to create and market these panties to the right men. So that is exactly what they did. These designers heard the silent outcry from the men who really wanted to wear panties and got to work.

In a very short time, there were all types of girls panties for men on the market. Granted, the initial launch of these panties had to begin slowly because, while in demand, they were not totally accepted at first. If the truth be known, there is still somewhat of a stigma that remains regarding men wearing panties. Through the years, however, they have slowly begun to creep out into the public. That certainly makes life much easier for these men to buy their panties without as much difficulty. It also helps that there are more open minded people in the world today. It is due to this ever changing attitudes that affords happiness to the men who need it.

Something else that is really great about girls panties for men is that, while they are created from silky, sexy or spandex materials; these panties have something a little extra. This extra added feature involves a highly desirable addition that hides your penis without all of the tucking that was necessary with using just your hands and tucking your package. The extra feature takes away all of the slight annoyance to let you enjoy yourself fully.

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The Fetish Sissy in all of us

The Fetish Sissy in all of us

Let’s face it even the most masculine guys has a little fetish sissy in him and the most feminine men have a huge dose of fetish sissy lurking right at the surface. Men need to understand as most women naturally do that a men’s feminine side should be nurtured and not denied like most men do. Embrace the sissy in you let it out to become a part of your being, the part you have always known was there, the part that wanted to play with dolls when you were young but no one including yourself would let you. Embrace the part of you that enjoys the look and feel of panties, the one who has even tried them on. No need to worry a recent poll on an adult site made mention to the fact that most men at some point of their life have tried on women’s clothing with the bulk of those men trying on panties! It is and always has been a completely normal thing to do, don’t believe me feel free to ask any psychologist to confirm what you already know. Now is the time to enjoy your feminine self, your inner sissy, your fetish sissy, it is a worthwhile endeavor to let this part of yourself out of hiding and into the open.


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There are More Men in Panty Hose Then You Imagine


You would be surprised at just how many men in panty hose you run into on a daily basis. While it seems odd that your boss or neighbor would be wearing something like this there is a pretty high chance that they are. Now they probably aren’t walking around in a dress to show off their panty hose but they have no issues with slipping them on under their pants. They can then wear them out in the world without anyone knowing about it and that makes them very happy. If you ask any of these men in panty hose what they have on under their pants they will probably just smile at you and change the subject. They don’t want you to know their secret to comfort and neither would you if you were to wear them for a day. This is one of those things that you are going to have to find out about on your own so you had better start looking for some panty hose to wear.

Amazing new tights for men including pussy look styles.

The crazy boys at Koalaswim have just added the most amazing compression sport tights for men on their site. These are tights with a Koala flare which means they are sexy as hell. Fashion tights you can wear for working out in or a night on the town, any way you go you are going to attract a lot of attention. These tights look like they are painted on your body. There is a line of pouch centric tights which not only show off your ass and legs but they make your bulge the central visual effect of the designs. Available in spandex including wet look spandex and matt finished supplex fabrics these creations are designed and manufactured in the USA and the craftsmanship is nothing short of stunning. These are the most beautiful men’s tights I have ever seen. To top things off they are offering male to female transformation tights which will blow your mind. They bring new meaning to the idea of exploring your feminine side.


A Fetish sissy finds love Part 2

Becky went through with it a made me wear her tiny little string bikini to the beach, one that was very busy and with her friend Jen in tow. They both thought it was funny as can be seeing me wear almost nothing. At one point when Becky walked down to the water Jen leaned over and said at least that bikini looks great on you, even better than it does on Becky as she rubbed her hand across my completely exposed leg. She than added I think you are going to have to shave your legs like the rest of us girls and mentioned the same to Becky. Great idea she said, we will do it right when we get home. This was all moving so fast. Becky told me to go in the water but there were so many people down at the shore I was too embarrassed to go in the water wearing nothing but her little bikini and said so. Oh it wasn’t so embarrassing when you were sneaking it on in the bedroom, was it she demanded. Oh chill out Jen said while taking my hand and saying she would go in the water with me. I could not believe all the people looking at me and I wanted to get in the water and hide. Get used to it Jen said. When I wear my tiny little swimsuits everyone stares she than said Becky had told her she liked the way I looked wearing a bikini but thought she would order some suits made for a man. I guess that would be better I said not realizing for some time that this was just the start of Becky changing me into a fetish sissy.



Part 3 coming soon.