How to Recognize a Fetish Sissy


If you think that you might know someone who is a fetish sissy, there are a few ways that might help you to decide. To begin with, a sissy is someone who may have a male body but definitely has a feminine demeanor. You have seen these guys. Their choice of clothing is often very suspect as is the fact that they may wear heels and makeup. A lot of their affectations are also feminine i.e. the hand wave. High pitched giggling is something else that sissies do and they seem to do quite a lot of it. All of these signs definitely point to a sissy and will make them easily recognizable.

Once you have identified the sissy part, there is a very good chance that you may have also hit upon a fetish sissy. This might be a bit harder to identify because fetishes can be from so many things. In fact, there are very few things in the world that have not and cannot become the objects of a fetish for someone. So while you might have landed on a sissy, the next step will still need to be whether or not this sissy is harboring a fetish of some sort. In deciphering this part, you will need to pay attention to some key aspects of this person and his life before you can figure out what his fetish just might.

To begin with, does there seem to be some particular garment that this fetish sissy wears all the time? If not a particular garment, is there a specific fabric or material that at least some part of their daily ensemble is created from? This material is usually something along the lines of spandex, Latex, rubber, or anything else of this nature as those are the most popular fetish materials. Of course, there is always the possibility that their fetish is one of those that is hidden because there are plenty of them. In the event that is the case with your sissy, you may never truly know if he has a fetish or not. You may just have to be content with knowing without a doubt that he is a sissy.