Fetish Sissy and male to female transformation


Are you a sissy? I am and it is more a lifestyle than a sissy fetish. I started off with a sissy fetish that was eagerly helped by my girlfriend Denise interest in all things for sissies. Denise is the one who ordered me my first male to female transformation swimsuits and paraded me on the beach as one of her girlfriends. This was both shocking to me at the time and erotically sensual. I was treated as a fetish sissy by her. Our sex was almost always her fucking me with a strap on and finishing by smothering me with her pussy as she sat on top of my face and rubbed until she had an orgasm. Denise loves dressing me as a girl. She shaves my entire body no hair at all other than on my head and always has me wear some type of panties that completes the full transformation. She gets hot when my cock is completely remade to look like a vagina.


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