A fetish sissy finds love.

I was not always a fetish sissy and though I am now at peace with being what I believe I was meant to be it was initially forced upon me by my longtime girlfriend. It all started about four years ago when Becky caught me trying on one of her bikinis. I have always been interested in women’s swimwear they are just so much sexier then the ugly shorts men most often wear. Bikinis are silky, sexy and cover very little something a fetish sissy in training learns to love. I had no idea Becky was at home when she walked into the bedroom and found me trying on her bikini. Oh that looks so cute on you she said with some sarcasm and told me to keep it on that we were going to the beach today. You are kidding I said, I’m not going to wear this to the beach. Stop being such a huge pussy you are going to wear it and you are going to enjoy wearing it. It was not even open to argument it was her way of the highway. Becky thought it would be more fun if we invited her girlfriend to come along with us.


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