Fetish sissy how small is your penis?


It is a well known fact that fetish sissy boys tend to have much smaller penises than normal men. I am a fetish sissy with a very small penis which is less than1” flaccid. I am much more relaxed about that now than when I was younger. When I was in high school we were forced to take showers together and for three years all the other boys would make fun of me. There were over four hundred guys in my grade and not one of them had a penis anywhere near as small as mine. I was so worried about it that I had my mother take me to see a doctor about it. He said I was normal and that penis sizes very considerably. This was not a great time in my life like many other fetish sissy men. The news about my very tiny penis spread to the girls too. The only good thing was that a lot of them wanted to see it. By the time I finished high school I thought I had the tiny penis on the planet and that I would never find a girl who would be interested in a man who was so small. The other problem was I had a fetish for wearing women’s clothing though thank god no one knew about it other than my closest childhood friend Chrissie and she would never tell anyone. We are still very close all these years later. It was Chrissie who pushed me to experiment with cross-dressing and letting me know it was OK to do. She would love to dress me up as a girl and do my make-up. Her mother and father were both psychologists who were very supportive of me. Their house was the only place I could be myself. I could never do those things at home or in front of any of my other friends. Chrissie’s home was full of love and acceptance. Being there and being my real self saved me from being miserable all the time. I would have dinner at her house with her parents dressed as a girl all made up and looking pretty. Her dad asked me if I liked boys of girls and I honestly told him I had no interest in guys only girls. This was a true statement and today I am happily married to a woman who understands and fosters my fetishes along with some of her own.


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