I know I am a fetish sissy.



I am a straight man with a longtime girlfriend and I am a fetish sissy. I enjoy wearing sexy girl style swimwear and panties. My favorites are the male to female transformation designs from Koalaswim.com which make my penis completely disappear and it is replaced with a sweet looking tiny vagina. Lucky for me my girlfriend has no issues at all with any of it in fact in many ways she is into the fetish too. She loves playing with me when I am acting and looking female, she tells me it plays into her bisexual fantasies. Everything would be great if I was not so worried about someone I know finding out. How would my friends and co-workers treat me? How would they feel about me being a fetish sissy? Would I lose friends over this? I think these are legitimate concerns and in many ways I can relate to gay people coming out of the closet only being gay is much more mainstream. I have no problems being ultra fem in public. I wear workout tights that make me look like I have a pussy, a real camel toe look and I wear them to workout in at the gym but I never go to my regular gym where many guys an girls are friends I go to another one across town.  Many of the people I have met at the new gym see I am obviously feminine and though I wear a loose shirt that covers my pussy look tights there are times I want people to see it. These are so skintight I almost look naked. It’s interesting because I have made new friends some of which think I am gay which is a common misconception for men who are into feminization and being a sissy. Most of my sissy friends I have met at clubs and parties are straight but there are definitely gay men who are into being sissies, it could be that I am drawn to straight parties. It would be wonderful if my regular friends could be as accepting as my new ones and if I gave them a chance they just might. The truth is I am scared to find out. I would love to hear feedback from any one who is into or interested in my sissy fetish.\\IMG_9309 Me wearing a male to female transformation swimsuit.

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