I was meant to be a Fetish sissy.



I had to admit to myself that I have always been a fetish sissy. When I was young I loved sneaking into my older sister’s room to wear her bikini underwear and swimwear. I always hated wearing shorts and had secretly wished that boys could were the same sexy swimwear as the girls did. I was not gay I was a fetish sissy. I liked girls and had no interest in boys, well almost no interest. All grown up now I still love women and I do not consider myself a cross dresser but I am a sissy.  Many cross dressers are sissies too but in my case I just enjoy exploring my feminine side. I am intrigued with transsexuals and my girlfriend knows that I get turned on by them.  There is something about a beautiful curvy woman with nice full breasts and a lovely functional cock. At first when I found these hot women turned me on that maybe I was bisexual though I have no interest in having sex with men. As it turns out most men who are into transsexual women are straight. I have had sex and dated a trans-girls and I loved it. Even though they have functional penises I consider them as many men do a hundred percent woman. What makes me a fetish sissy is that I also love having a vagina myself sometimes and my girlfriend is turned on by that too. It would be hard for me to date a woman that was not turned on by it.  I often wear male to female transformation underwear and swimwear. My favorite designs completely hide the shaft and change the balls to a visually functional vagina. Once I am wearing one I feel as close as a man can be to being female. It is an exciting experience every time.

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