A Fetish sissy finds love Part 2

Becky went through with it a made me wear her tiny little string bikini to the beach, one that was very busy and with her friend Jen in tow. They both thought it was funny as can be seeing me wear almost nothing. At one point when Becky walked down to the water Jen leaned over and said at least that bikini looks great on you, even better than it does on Becky as she rubbed her hand across my completely exposed leg. She than added I think you are going to have to shave your legs like the rest of us girls and mentioned the same to Becky. Great idea she said, we will do it right when we get home. This was all moving so fast. Becky told me to go in the water but there were so many people down at the shore I was too embarrassed to go in the water wearing nothing but her little bikini and said so. Oh it wasn’t so embarrassing when you were sneaking it on in the bedroom, was it she demanded. Oh chill out Jen said while taking my hand and saying she would go in the water with me. I could not believe all the people looking at me and I wanted to get in the water and hide. Get used to it Jen said. When I wear my tiny little swimsuits everyone stares she than said Becky had told her she liked the way I looked wearing a bikini but thought she would order some suits made for a man. I guess that would be better I said not realizing for some time that this was just the start of Becky changing me into a fetish sissy.



Part 3 coming soon.

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