There are More Men in Panty Hose Then You Imagine


You would be surprised at just how many men in panty hose you run into on a daily basis. While it seems odd that your boss or neighbor would be wearing something like this there is a pretty high chance that they are. Now they probably aren’t walking around in a dress to show off their panty hose but they have no issues with slipping them on under their pants. They can then wear them out in the world without anyone knowing about it and that makes them very happy. If you ask any of these men in panty hose what they have on under their pants they will probably just smile at you and change the subject. They don’t want you to know their secret to comfort and neither would you if you were to wear them for a day. This is one of those things that you are going to have to find out about on your own so you had better start looking for some panty hose to wear.

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