Why is looking at Sissy tumblr posts helpful

The question is why does looking at the many different and varied Sissy tumblr posts would be helpful for me? And the answer is in the question. It is precisely because the Sissy tumblr posts feature so many different and varied photos and information about being a sissy. When you search sissy or sissies tumblr you will of course find many things that may be interesting but not helpful since there is a lot of posts that are our purely sexual in nature, that said even those can be interesting. I like seeing all the different types of sissies throughout the world that you see posting on tumblr. Often there is helpful information about feminizing yourself which is a central part of being a sissy. There are make-up tips, gaff tips, tucking tips, sex tips, chastity advice, information on how to look your best and choose the best clothing look. One of the most interesting things I found was a post about transformation swimwear which I ended up ordering and it changed my life! There is a ton of information featuring real girls and analyzing how they move, speech, think and act all in an effort to help you in your journey to be the girl of your dreams. I believe most sissies truly want to be as beautiful as they can be and always as feminine too. I am a sissy and I have many friends in fact most of my friends are sissies, trying to be as feminine as they can be is a central core of their sissy journey, many of us want to approach sex as a woman and the are many posts on Sissy tumblr that explain of show you how best to begin to be pleasures as a woman.  When going through many of the posts on tumblr you will find that even for sissies many are purely showing females which is fine when you are using them for guidance and motivation. I prefer to see actual men that have been transformed to women. I want to see men feminized along with transgender women which many are so stunning they can melt any sissiy heart. I enjoy seeing the process of men transformed to women, men transformed to being a sissy. Sissies in chastity is a helpful post to give you guidance on how to no longer think of sex from a male point of view after all one of the first things many sissies will do is wear a penis cage to keep themselves from even thinking they can have sex like a man. I my view a true sissy will have oral and anal sex only, this is my opinion and not that of all sissy men. One of the fun things you can find on Sissy tumblr are all these sissy captions. Some of the sissy captions are funny, some are touching and others are informative. Most of the sissy captions are at the very least sexy. I enjoy the lingerie sissy captions not because they turn me on sexually though some do but because they give me such great ideas. Personally, I am into the transformation end of being a sissy the most. I do not want to see a penis when I see a sissified man and the same goes for myself. There are transformation designs like the Clever Girl swimsuit, Spicy Girl swimsuit, Finger Me swimsuit, Girls Day, Gender Bias, Gender Bender, the list is actually too long to go into too much detail here but these swimsuits which most sissies also wear as panties do what sissies dream of having done. They erase and visual signs of the wearer having a penis and in place you have a magnificent camel toe shaped vagina. I wear these all the time and they are so realistic that many of my sissy friends and real girlfriends have asked if I had transformation surgery, it is hard to get more realistic than that without having your penis removed! You can see these designs at koalaswim.com but I can give you some detail about how they work since I consider myself a professional transformation wear user. These designs not only make your penis disappear but they reconfigure it into the shape of a beautiful little camel toe vagina one so pretty your sissy friends will want to taste it. I find it interesting that when you wear a design like this and your eyes see you no longer have a visible penis and in its place is an actual vagina, actual at least to your eyes and yes it feels real to the touch your brain seems to rewire itself into believing you are a real female. This is something I have and do experience all the time but it is not just me. All my sissy friends wear them and they feel the same way too. You will also find many Sissy tumblr posts talking about the same thing. There are a ton of male chastity Sissy tumblr posts and captions and I enjoy seeing the different ways and the different cock cage styles the girls are using. There are literally thousands of tumblr posts about chastity, chastity cages and living a chastity lifestyle something that many sissies find to be of paramount importance in reaching to become the best sissy they can be. I have practiced chastity for the past ten years, I am at times allowed to masturbate most of the time my small cock or as it is known among friends, my man clit is kept in an ultra-micro cock cage. While we are talking about man clits and sissy pussies let us talk about body hair. The one thing you will notice when looking a tumblr posts is that virtually all sissies have no body hair and never any hair around their vaginas. All pubic hair should be removed, your skin should be smooth as silk, there should be no hair between the legs, on your cheeks or anywhere in the anal area. Many sissies have their legs waxed and have a full Brazilian wax too. For those of you that are uninitiated in the dark arts of body waxing a Brazilian wax is when all the hair on your penis if you are male or your vagina if you are female along with all your pubic hair, hair between the legs, on your balls, your butt cheeks and every bit of anal cavity hair is removed by a professional. One of the things I have been noticing on posts seems to be a trend towards sissies have breast implant surgery. This type of surgery is common for transgender transformation but I am now seeing them more and more for people that identify has being a sissy but are turning to breast enhancement to reach the pinnacle of femininity. I feel like if you are committed to the sissy lifestyle than having surgery is an option you could look at but for me, I am happy with the prosthetic breasts that are available and yes there are many posts under Sissy tumblr on that subject too. There are so many things to find on tumblr and so many interesting things to learn. I hope your journey is an exciting one. Before I let you go I wanted to talk about one other thing I found on tumblr which is nothing short of amazing and it is called the Micro Penis Maker. If you have trouble finding it there you can google it. This is a sleeve that sissies put on their little cocks to make them into man clits. The results were so amazing I decided to try it for myself. My penis is small to begin with under 3” flaccid and thin. I wanted it to be under 1” if possible because many sissies classify under 1” as a clitoris. I purchase a couple and started my micro cock training right away. After three weeks my flaccid penis is under 1” and at times about ½”. That is a real man clit that has very little in common with a real penis. It is so feminine, so small and for a real sissy it is a dream come true and the ultimate in feminine beauty.