Small Penis Humiliation Stories

My flaccid penis is one inch long and can be classified as a micro penis. If you are blessed with a penis this small you have Small Penis Humiliation Stories and that is the case with me. I have enough Small Penis Humiliation Stories to fill a book but for today I will add a handful of them to this post. Before I get into the stories let me say that my penis has always been small but over the last year, I have been using a product called the Micro Penis Maker so my flaccid shaft will be even smaller. At one time my flaccid penis was 2.5” in length and not very think which is about as small a penis as most people have ever seen. When I was younger, I never gave much thought about penis size, and I honestly had no idea my penis would be considered extremely small. Then came middle school and high school and taking showers after gym class. That is the first time I realized how small my penis was and it was the first time I was subjected to small penis humiliation. With the hu8ndreds of guys in my class there was not one that was even close to as small as I was. I was nowhere near fully developed yet and my flaccid penis was about one inch and not a whole lot bigger hard. One of my first Small Penis Humiliation Stories involves being embarrassed while in the shower at school when some of the other boys came up to me and said I was in the wrong locker room, when I naively asked why they told me I belonged in the girl’s locker room and said that what I had was not even a penis. That was a huge joke around the gym with guys calling me clit boy and non-stop making fun of me. Sometimes I would cry but more often I would just tell them to go away. Once I said that to the wrong guy who pushed me out of the shower and then out of the locker room in front of a girl’s gym class completely nude. If there was anyone left in school that did not know about my tiny penis after that there was not. As a side not looking back, I wish I had known that you could be proud of a tiny penis but at this point my life was turning into a living hell. I ran back in and got dressed and ran home. To top things off I was the only one that got in trouble or punished because I left school. Nothing ever happened to the boys that pushed me out and my small penis was known throughout the school as a micro penis. Another one of my Small Penis Humiliation Stories took place around the adult pool at Caesars Palace which is topless for the ladies, and I choose to wear a little thong. One of the benefits of having an exceedingly small penis is that thong swimsuits look great on guys like us and I have been wearing them for a long time now. Back to the pool, it was a sizzling summer day, and I was lounging around with hundreds of other people. Women topless and in thongs but only few men in bikinis and I was the only one wearing a thong. When the ladies start drinking, they can get a little out of control. In front of everyone a girl came up to me and was staring at my thong and without saying a word bent down and squeezed my penis, then she held up her hands so the group of girls she was with could see with her fingers about an inch apart, proudly showing how little my cock was to all around the pool and walking away laughing, I was speechless and figured saying nothing and letting it pass was my best bet. It was difficult having everyone around the pool staring at me all thinking about the poor guy with a tiny penis. There are cool people though and I had girls come by to say what a bitch the lady was and not to let it bother me, but the damage was already done.

Small Penis Humiliation Stories are an unpleasant fact for me and though I have a better self-image these days it can still get under my skin. I am proud of my small cock, and I wear nothing larger than a bikini or a thong to the beach or around the pool. Sometimes it is great because my bulge is so small, I can blend in with the girls and their tiny swimsuits. Girls seem to like hanging out around me when I am wearing my skimpy suits, they assume I am gay which is half right being bi-sexual. I never know when an interesting story will pop up. Recently I was at the gym. These days I belong to one that offers an executive area with its own showers where there are fewer guys to bother me. I like being able to workout and jump in the shower after work without guys staring at me. Between my extremely tiny tan line and my small penis they are always staring. Being in the executive area is great but still funny things can happen. This story is not so much one of my Small Penis Humiliation Stories, but others would find it is one. I was done with my mid-day workout, and this is the least busy time of the day so I figured the showers would be empty and I peeked, all clear so I went to my locker striped down, grabbed a towel and walked over to the shower. In the executive are there are three shower heads against the wall so if someone is in there or walks in when you are taking a shower it is like you are showing together. For guys with normal sized equipment this is not an issue but for me I prefer to be alone. I was in for less than a minute when a beautiful black man built like a god walked in. Tall and very well hung I felt like I was back in school ready to be embarrassed but he looked me up and down smiled and said nice tan. I thanked him and the next words would have floored almost any man, but I was fine with them coming from him. He told me I looked like a girl, and I noticed he was getting hard. He said I am straight, but you are turning me on and glanced around to make sure we were alone. Without asking he started to soap me up and before I know what was going on he was squatting down and had my tiny but hard penis in his mouth. The way he played with it made me believe he was straight, but he was still game to have some fun. His hard cock was pressed against my leg, and he was rubbing it. It did not take long for me to orgasm in his mouth and to my surprise he swallowed. He stood up and turned me around, can you take this like a girl he asked as he pressed his penis between my cheeks. It was large and I was not sure but told him I would try. The coast was still clear as he carefully slid his soaped-up cock in my hole. It was too large for me without lube, so I had him pull it out and I went down on him, something that I rarely do. Like I said he looked like a god and his cock was far and away the largest that has ever and will ever touch my lips, but I was hot to get him off and do it quickly before we were discovered. I took care of business and was rewarded with a huge load shot directly all over my face, lucky we were still in the shower. That was the start of an interesting friendship, and yes, he was straight and married, it was the first time he had sex with a man, but he likes to say that I am so close to a girl that he is OK with it.

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