Sissy Chastity

Sissy Chastity Male chastity is for all men but it is an especially effective tool for sissy training. Sissy Chastity differs from male chastity for a number of reasons. Real hardcore male chastity includes humiliation as does sissy chastity but there is not a sexual arousal issue when it come to sissy chastity because sissies […]

Fetish sissy and the right panties

Fetish sissy and the right panties The fetish sissy not only needs to feel like a girl she needs to look like one. Being a fetish sissy myself with many friends that are too (there are more men then you might guess who are sissies.) we look for ways to feel and look our most […]

Chastity Device

Chastity Device If you are looking for a new chastity device to wear, you are in luck. This lifestyle has seen a boom over the last few decades. Plus, there are more and more guys on the planet who are having fun with something that keeps them from having fun. I know. I had to […]

Tight’s for Sissies

Workout Tights Creeping somewhat slowly in popularity for men are garments known as workout tights. While a decent percentage of people have discovered these tights, that number seems to grow in leaps and bounds all the time. Not only are these tights ideal for workouts of all kinds, they are being seen on men as […]

Wearing a Chastity Device

Chastity Device Anyone who is living or even playing with the idea of chastity should look at the various devices. A chastity device is totally necessary if you want the experience to be realistic as well as a bit of fantasy. The devices that you choose will make all the difference in how much fun […]