Fetish sissy and transformation

Being the ultimate fetish sissy is easier than ever with the male to female transformation designs by Koala. The new Crafty Girl suit is perfect for the fetish sissy that wants to present completely feminine including showing off a vagina in place of your sissy penis. These designs are unlike anything else on the market. They actually reshape, rework and re-purpose the penis molding in into a visually perfect little camel toe vagina. Some companies claim to do this be at koalaswim.com you can see all the designs under the :male to female transformation suits” button being used by men. This is the real deal and the wearers all look like they have vaginas. This is a beautiful thing for a real fetish sissy, a dream come true. Stop dreaming and take a look at these wild creations. You can be at the shore next week with a swimsuit and a tiny camel toe as hot as any the other girls on the beach! Let your fetish sissy fantasies enter a new more exciting level and yes these suits lot super-hot under a skirt, tight fitting jeans or your favorite pair of women’s tights.

Fetish sissy male to female transformation swimsuit. The camel toe experience.