Sissy Chastity

Sissy Chastity

Male chastity is for all men but it is an especially effective tool for sissy training. Sissy Chastity differs from male chastity for a number of reasons. Real hardcore male chastity includes humiliation as does sissy chastity but there is not a sexual arousal issue when it come to sissy chastity because sissies across the board are not supposed to be encourage or enabled to partake in sexual gratification, that is other than watching real men have sex or letting a male/female perform anal sex on them, the penis of the sissy will not be in use. I bring up this point because there are many men that practice male chastity in order to delay sexual gratification and to have much more intense orgasms. Sissies practicing sissy chastity are not allowed to have orgasms from penis stimulation. There are special chastity cages that are geared to sissy chastity and most of them are either micro sissy chastity cages or male to female transformation chastity belts after all it’s bad enough that your still have a penis let alone trying to show it off wearing some large male chastity cage that is intended for a real man.

  There are many special cages designed to not only lock your penis away so it cannot be used but also completely feminize you at the same time. This is done by compressing the penis so small and caging it up that it no longer looks or feels like you have a penis. There are thousands of sissies that are using inverted male chastity cages for their sissy chastity. These cages not only lock you up but they force the penis inside the body, the perfect place for a true sissy to keep his little man clit. The most popular line of inverted male chastity cages, yes real men use them too, are the Munchkin Inverted designs. These stainless-steel cages seem to have been designed with sissies in mind. I personally wear one and have many girlfriends that wear them too. It is an incredible feeling when you have your shaft forced inside your body and kept there, it is a wonderfully feminine feeling one I feel any one interested in becoming a true sissy would enjoy. There is a mindset to wearing a sissy chastity cage and that is how your brain comprehends you as a sexual being once it no longer sees you have a penis. It is cathartic and almost indescribable to a sissy that has never experienced it. In fact, when it comes to sissy chastity training there are other things you should be doing to including wearing male to female transformation panties and using Micro penis Maker Sleeves which train you penis to be extremely small almost a clit like ½” in some cases. Train your penis to be that small and I guarantee your mistress will be impressed and your girlfriends will be jealous. Sorry I veered off the subject matter let us get back to sissy chastity. You do not have to go inverted to go micro when ordering a sissy chastity cage. There are two unparticular that seem like a dream come true for sissies, that would be the Castrate cock cage and the Eunuch cock cage. It should be obvious by the names of these cages how small they make you. Most Sissies I know have rather small penises to begin with but cages like these do not care it you are small or large they do a number on you anyway. They are compression style chastity cages and you will have a very tiny penis when wearing it.

  Next up let us broach the chastity belts that are specifically chastity belts that feminize the wearer. There are two sissy chastity belts that come to mind right away because they offer extreme transformation one much more extreme than the other. First up is the Pussy Lover chastity belt. Though the name implies this belt is for a female it most certainly is not. It is a real sissy chastity belt that hides the penis, locks the penis away and leaves a nice smooth feminine look finish one that you can wear under pants, a skirt, a dress, tights you name it. The other is a more extreme take of a style designed for women and changed a little for men, it is known as the Girl Cock.  The Girl Cock male chastity belt holds the penis inside of you while splitting the balls and making them look like a real vagina. It is a highly effective system for both sissy chastity and sissy humiliation which when you think about it are two things that go hand and hand.

 No discussion about sissy chastity would be complete without penis training and when we talk about penis training, we are talking about training the penis to be feminine. Many sissies refer to their extremely small penises as man clits, or my clit. Very few men have extremely small penises like the one’s that a real sissy would love to have, small penises yes but real micro penis of 2”, 1” or smaller are a rarity but with training it can be accomplished. There is a device called the Micro Penis Maker Sleeve which many sissies use including one’s training in sissy chastity. We have seen sissies get there penis down to under 1” and once we saw a totally femme sissy with a ½” penis that she proudly was showing off to the offer femme boys. Smallest penis I have ever seen and he said it took him a few months of training using a Micro Penis Maker Sleeve to get it down that small. It was beautiful and truth be told I was ah jealous as the next girl.

  Photo above shows a trained micro penis/man clit.

The perfect combination for sissy chastity is a small caged penis that has been completely femininized.